Balletto Universe

Brand Concept

Inspired by the dance aesthetics, Balletto has pioneered the Athleisure Couture concept in Brazil by seeking to integrate different moments of the contemporary woman’s day by day.

The Athleisure (athlete + leisure) style combines sportswear and casualwear with comfortable, versatile clothes that easily transition from office to leisure to workout. Our sophisticated designs and comfortable fabrics bring together activewear and couture.

Fashion meets technology, multi-functionality, and sustainability at the core of our brand’s identity. Our collections are infused with an urban feel and innovative details that captivate consumers with unique shapes, advanced technology, and many personalities.

Each garment is thoughtfully designed and features exclusive details that allow them to be worn in multiple ways. Additionally, we employ top-quality fabrics and internal and external finishes.

More than just an innovative brand of apparel, Balletto is a lifestyle.

Luciana Mantegazza

Luciana Mantegazza

Ever since Balletto’s Creative Director Luciana Mantegazza was a child, she has loved dancing, especially classical ballet, which she still dances to this day. In fact, exercising and sports have always been a big part of her life. “As a fashion lover who plays several sports, I always struggled to find fashionable, high-tech, comfortable, top-quality clothes that could easily transition between different activities and outings throughout the day.” That’s when it dawned on Luciana that there was a gap in the market for sportswear suited to different activities, like dancing, working out, or playing sports, but also something casual to go to work, meet friends for lunch, or even attend a fancier dinner. After deciding to invest in this segment, she researched unique technologies and designs for two years before launching Balletto in 2016. She has managed to combine functional clothing and Athleisure in garments made of high-tech fabrics that aren’t short on personality.


Balletto Tech Wear is an essential pillar for our brand and has been used in our collections from the outset through advanced fabrics that treat your skin without leaving home while you work, train, or rest.

  • Amni® Emana


    Emana is the intelligent thread that combines science and technology to take care of your body. It is the combination of Rhodia’s intelligent 6.6 polyamide wire, with bioactive minerals, plus long infrared technology. Thanks to the bioactive minerals embedded in the strand’s DNA, Emana absorbs body heat and emits long infrared rays back into the skin.


    The Emana ® fiber improves the firmness and smoothness of the skin, reduces the signs of cellulite, stimulates micro blood circulation, offers thermoregulation properties, promotes quick drying, decreases muscle fatigue, improving sports performance, and has UV protection.


    To achieve cosmetic effects, such as reducing the signs of cellulite and improving the firmness and smoothness of the skin, it should be used for at least 30 consecutive days, 6 hours a day.

    To speed up muscle recovery, wear clothing with Emana ® for 30 minutes before physical activity and for at least 6 hours after exercise.


    The benefits of this technological thread are scientifically proven through Oeko-tex and ISO 9001 and has ANVISA registration, based on current Brazilian health legislation - Resolution nº 185/01.

    Amni® is a registered Rhodia® trademark.
  • Amni® Virus Bac Off

    This range has been created with Amni® Virus-Bac OFF, Rhodia’s antiviral and antibacterial polyamide with permanent effect. The Amni® Virus-Bac OFF yarn deactivates encapsulated viruses – like influenza, herpesvirus, and the new Coronavirus – and non-encapsulated viruses that survive on fabrics, so the clothes won’t spread them. This functional polyamide offers extra protection by eliminating bacteria. Its antiviral and antibacterial action never wears off; it is wash and rub-proof.

  • Sensil® Breeze

    Garments made of Sensil® Breeze fabric offer UV 40 protection and a technology that lets the skin breathe and regulate body temperature on warmer days, providing a refreshing cooling effect.

    Sensil® is a registered N I LIT® trademark.
  • Sensil® Heat

    The Sensil® Heat fabric, made from fibers that contain coffee charcoal in their DNA, features technology that regulates body temperature, keeping the skin warm when temperatures drop and neutralizes odor.


As a fashion brand, our mission is to show the market that Balletto’s products have been thoughtfully developed with top quality to last forever. All steps of our creative process are thoroughly planned down to the last detail, from the choice of raw material to the choice of colors that match and speak with the garments in all collections. That is because we believe in the intrinsic value of each product and because in haute couture, every piece is uniquely created for each individual.

As agents in the fashion industry, we recognize our responsibility to the environment. We are constantly searching to make our production more and more sustainable, whether through biodegradable fabrics or in the process of reframing our fabrics.

Supporting dance

Balletto and its Creative Director, Luciana Mantegazza, share their passion for dance by promoting national and international performances, recognizing and supporting professional ballet dancers as athletes, performers, and stars, a recognition they have earned with their beautiful but hard-to-execute movements, and all the effort they put into dancing.

The company supports Brazilian companies like São Paulo Dance Company¸ Ballet da Cidade de São Paulo, and Black Swan Dance Company, creating costumes for their performances, among other joint efforts.

We have also created capsule collections signed by the Brazilian dancers Thiago Soares, who became London’s Royal Ballet’s principal dancer, and Luiza Lopes, the Royal Swedish Ballet’s first soloist.

  • Dança 01
  • Dança 02
  • Dança 03
  • Dança 04